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The Rhodesian Ridgeback

To understand what a Rhodesian Ridgeback is, you have to go back to its origins!

This breed originated a little over a century ago in Rhodesia, today corresponding to Zimbabwe and part of South Africa, where Dutch settlers crossed dogs from the Hottentot peoples with breeds European.

These dogs were intended for long hunts in the bush, particularly lion hunting... They worked alongside hunters in groups of 3 to 5.

It is important to emphasize that the Rhodesian Ridgebacks' mission was to contain the felines and not to kill them, a task reserved for hunters.

What we must understand is that this dog had to be both strong and enduring to cover long distances, agile and fast to avoid injuries, and above all courageous, self-confident and extremely determined to face big game. reckless.

You can therefore imagine a dog with a balanced physique, slender and muscular, without heaviness but still robust. The Rhodesian Ridgeback must be quick-witted, intelligent and operate on instinct (predation).

The RR is a dog with great sensitivity and capable of great autonomy. It is an animal that needs to be tamed and not “trained”. He is dynamic and needs daily physical and mental exercise, but once his needs are met, he also appreciates rest in a quiet, warm and comfortable place.

It is a partner who will place his trust in a fair and equitable human, who will know how to invest in the relationship and be worthy of the interest and respect of his companion.

A beautiful story alongside a Rhodesian Ridgeback is built and earned!

White Cat

“Being a Breeder”

In my eyes it is neither a job, nor a hobby, even less an income... It is above all a Philosophy and a Way of life.

Breeding and selling puppies is not very complicated. But to be a true Breeder is to be one who loves his breed, knows it and respects it, who loves his dogs and systematically makes them his priority, who loves his puppies and will give the best of himself to offer them a bright future by worrying about their health, their awakening and finding the best family for each of them. And this despite all the difficulties and without any concession!

Being a true breeder means learning every day, being humble and passionate, objective, responsible, always invested and ethical.

It means studying lines over several generations, always looking for the stallion who will be able to complement the qualities of his bitch but also partially compensate for her faults, always with the aim of sticking to the standard that defines our beautiful breed .

It means carrying out all the health tests available to us and taking the results into account.

It means giving puppies a good start in life, respecting their needs at each period, offering them quality socialization in order to make them future balanced adults who are well behaved.

It also means knowing how to choose and support adopting families in their efforts and throughout the life of their dog.

Each time, a new challenge, infinite hope, a lot of energy and money invested, happiness and joy but also often disappointment and pain because Mother Nature is not always kind.

No matter... because when you're passionate and it hits you, you can overcome almost anything!

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