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Zubayka Amani


Start of a beautiful story...

Passionate about horses and dogs since childhood, I grew up in the Paris region.

My first dog joined our family when I was 11 years old and since that day, I have always had one or two by my side, who have shared with me the ups and downs of life.

At the age of 20, I left city life to flourish in the South-West of France, and work in the equine sector. Of all the specificities, I was immediately won over by the passionate work of the breeders from whom I learned a lot.

In 2012, the ZUBAYKA breeding was born with the arrival of our first mare who still spends peaceful days by our side.

For the record, ZUBAYKA was chosen by mixing the names of my Boxer, Kaizer and my Doberman, DubaÏ, my faithful companions from that time. For this adventure, I wanted a name which would give meaning to the future!

It was at the end of 2014, during a visit to a stud farm, that I met my very first Rhodesian Ridgeback.

How not to fall under the spell?

His body was both robust and elegant, his musculature defined but without excess, a haughty gait and a look full of vivacity.

No sign of fear, but a respectful distance, as if to remind us that she was the mistress of the place and that she accepted our presence, but without tolerating familiarity.

A true lady... distinguished, confident, with a free spirit and remarkable presence.

When leaving this stable, I knew that my next partner would be an RR but I did not imagine that ZUBAYKA would soon become ZUBAYKA AMANI and that Geisha who joined the family in 2016 and Naska in 2017 would lead me into this exciting whirlwind which is my daily life today.

I thank them infinitely as well as all those who guided me on this path and allowed me to accomplish the path already traveled. And so many great encounters to come and great stories to write...!

The Zubayka Amani Family

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